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New innovative cryptocurrencies are created every week.

The companies behind them need new holders of those coins to get the word out, we'll send you some of their coins, and in exchange, they get people to try out their applications.

It's a win-win for everyone!

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How Does It Work?

1. Subscribe to Helen's Crypto List

As soon as you subscribe, we'll send you an email with a confirmation link.

2. We'll send you 1000 HCL Tokens

We'll send you 1,000 HCL tokens (official Helen Crypto List Tokens), which can be exchanged in the future for iPads, t-shirts, other currencies, and special give aways. Note that tokens don't hold any monetary value.

3. Get free cryptocurrencies every week

Within approximately a week you will receive an email about a new emerging cryptocurrency that you can either get right away for free or you you might need to perform a minimal task to get (like posting about it on social media).

4. Exchange,hold or trade those coins

With time some of those coins will grow and be worth a lot, - remember when bitcoin was $1 per coin? well, now it's at $12000!

A note from the founder

Our vision is to educate people about cryptocurrencies by actually holding, earning and exchanging them to better prepare for the way people around the world will buy, sell, bank, and trade in the future.

wasn't a better answer than to just download wallet for him and send him bitcoin to play with; he got hooked right away.

Problem is, he is constantly hearing all over the news that people are making money with investments. Now, I don't agree every person is an investor - most first time investors lose their money - and this is why I had the idea of creating an alternative way to getting cryptocurrencies.

With Helens Crypto List everybody benefits. Simply provide your email to start (we never spam and you can unsubscribe at any time). Sometimes you may be asked to mention a cryptocurrency on social media, but only if you agree with its vision and values. This mutually benefits you, a new cryptocurrency holder, and the company behind a cryptocurrency, which gets exposure through your help in spreading the word.

This is a place where everybody is welcome to join and you are always free to leave. Now you can experienc the power of cryptocurrences with no risk. It’s easy to get started!


How much does it cost?

Nothing, you only provide your email and can usubscribe at any time.

How much money can I make?

Your new cryptocurrencies can have a value from $0.01 to $xxx per coin. With time, those coins might become more valuable and you can exchange them for money. Remember when Bitcoin was at 0.005 cents per coin? Well now its at $12,000'

Why do you give out free cryptocurrencies... is it a scam?

No! companies give out free cryptocurrency to our subscribers. In exchange they get exposure and new users holding those coins. You get free cryptocurrencies whose value can increase and they get free marketing. Win-win!

How much do I have to participate in the community?

It's totally up to you. Sometimes cryptocurrencies will be offered without any strings attached, at other times you might be requested to post a message on social media, and only then will you get a specific coin. If you don't like the project or vision of that coin you can always skip that week and do nothing - remember, you are always in control.

When can I get started?

Right away! After you subscribe you will receive an email to provide an Ethereum address where we can send you your first cryptocurrency which is going to be 1,000 Helen Crypto List (HCL) Coins.

How can I contact Helen's Crypto Lst?

Does the Helen's Crpto List Token (HCL) hold any monetary value?

The HCL was created as a welcome gift for the community and to introduce you to the world of cryptocurrencies in case you never owned any coins :) The HCL won't be offered in cryptocurrency exchanges and in fact its value is $0 per coin and will always be. The HCL will be exchanged in the near future for iPads, other crypto currencies, t-shirts and give aways to the community in the future.

Thank You

We will send the tokens to the Wallet you submitted in the morning, if you didn't submit a wallet we will email you to get one also in the morning!:)